Choose the plan that best fits your situation

a) Each PLAN includes a number of teams that can be operate and active simultaneously.

b) DOES NOT EXIST ACCUMULATION OF TEAMS BETWEEN PLANIf you have an active plan and do arenewal (same plan) or upgrade (another plan) the number of teams does not accumulate and will have the same number of teams on the new plan (either the same, whether more or less teams).

c) If you do a RENEWAL (same plan) it will renew the current plan for one year (356 days), having the same number of teams. Renewals are accepted at any time, accumulating the remaining days of the previous package. (g.if you have 150 days left and make the Renewal of the account, you keep the same teams and the 150 days + 365 days = 515 total days of use).

d) If you  UPGRADE (another plan with more teams) you will replace your plan (the 365-day period will be counted from the date of the upgrade) and the number of teams will be integrated in the new plan. Upgrade is recommended after the end of the old Plan, so that you won´t lose days of use. 

Eg. For example, if you have a 1-team plan and want to increase to 2 teams you will have to upgrade to the 2-team plan if you want to increase to 4 teams you will need to upgrade to the 4-team plan, etc.

e) If YouDONWGRADE (another plan with fewer teams) you will replace your current plan (the 365-day period will be counted from the date of the downgrade) and the number of teams will become those of the new plan. Downgrade is recommended after the end of the old Plan, so that you don´t lose the days of use.

If Downgrading (another plan with fewer teams), it is recommended that the user chooses which team will be dismissed, in order to make it to the end of the season, and the data stays available for consultation.

f) All Plans last for 365 days and can be updated (Renewal, Upgrade or Downgrade) by you at any time.

g) Coach-Helper.Com does not provide any data and/or information from its       users to third parties. All user data and information is protected by international law.

h) User-sharing of data and/or Information is the sole responsibility of the user (either the sender and the recipient of those same shares).

i) By subscribing to our Digital Content, you give your consent to the loss of the right to free resolution (Decree-Law No. 24/2014, of February 14 - Law of Portugal).