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Le Coach-Helper.Com a été créé en 2005 et fournit un logiciel avec plus de 50 applications, utilisé par tous les Entraîneurs, Clubs et Joueur du Football, du Futsal, du Basketball, du Volleyball, du Handball et du Rink Hockey.
  • 14 ans sur le marché
  • + de 50 applications
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  • Pour tous les appareils
Nous avons 14 ans sur le marché qui nous permet d'avoir de l'expérience et "Savoir Faire" pour fournir des services d´haute qualité avec une grande compétence et professionnalisme afin que nous puissions aider tous les utilisateurs à accomplir leur travail de manière rapide et intuitive.




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  • Rink Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Handball
  • Volleyball


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Le logiciel Coach-Helper.Com offre plus de 50 applications en un seul endroit, travaillant de manière synchronisée, ce qui ce rend unique dans ce segment de marché. De cette façon, tout utilisateur peut travailler en ligne partout dans la planète, la planification et l'organisation de toute la formation sur les détails, ainsi que gérer (s) votre (s) équipe (s) à partir d'une simple connexion Internet.
Le logiciel est personnel et intransmissible, dans lequel chaque entraîneur, club ou joueur aura un accès réservé à sa plate-forme, avec login et mot de passe. Beaucoup de Contenu, Exercices, Management d´équipe, Compétition, Entraînements, les unités d'entraînement, une base de données d'exercices en croissance constante, et beaucoup plus... Tous les utilisateurs auront plein contrôle de toute son équipe et joueurs.


Prof. Vitor Franco

CEO - Chef Executive Officer

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Prof. Vitor Franco

Interview en 2005 - Début des activités

How did arose the Coach-Helper.Com?

How to Coach Football, to carry out my duties to guide the teams, I have encountered some difficulties in the temporal organization and preparation of units of training in a rapid, practical and structured so that the activities of the same, had the desired success . And so, was born naturally Coach-Helper.Com., initially in a narrow and now shared for all.

Have you ever shared your idea of the Coach-Helper.Com with someone?

Of course, initially with my friends and other Coaches, who supported me and encouraged to implement this huge project. Later, when the project was more structured and developed, I decided to create a blog to inform and demonstrate to all the Coaches that I would build the Coach-Helper.Com

What is the Purpose of the Coach-Helper.Com?

Essentially aims to be a working tool for all Coaches and others interested in acquire, renew or assimilate more knowledge. Here in the Coach-Helper.Com, Coaches can have everything they need to develop the best exercises for your training or the way they choose, in a very quick and practical, besides being extremely detailed information to the site.

Why the name Coach-Helper.Com?

The allocation and choice of names is not always easy and peaceful. In this case it was not difficult because the objective is clear, help the coaches. Then, taking aim at the Site and make it visible to all, came the name Coach-Helper.Com.

What is the biggest challenge in preparing the website?

Our biggest challenge was really to build a structure as complex, detailed and elaborate as the Coach-Helper.Com have. In terms of programming and testing is very complicated and difficult. Thanks to a fantastic team of developers, it was possible to realize this project, although not many believed possible.
I appreciate now the fantastic job that all collaborators have done for this project, even those who stubbornly prefer the anonymity. Without them it would be impossible a project of this size.

One well is to all of them!

Interview en 2015, après 10 ans sur le marché

What is your balance after 10 years of Coach-Helper.Com in the market?

The balance is of accomplishment, achieved objectives and expected. It's a balance very, very positive. Maybe you count the fingers of one hand the people who believed 15 years ago that we would be here today. I was a few years to idealize and structure this whole project before moving on to the development team in 2002 and at that time very few believed it would be possible to build this as complete and as detailed software, nor was there anything like that or similar comparison... now you are finding other software, but are in no way similar to this.

What was the biggest challenge during these 10 years of existence?

In addition to the extremely high financial costs to implement all this software and more than 50 applications it contains, as well as our whole structure, I think the biggest challenge we had in all this work was the construction of our Static Drill Editor and the Dynamic Drill Editor, where you can create exercises with animations in high definition video. As for us there are no impossible, we still do more and better with this already fantastic Exercise Editor. It is a promise from me.

How can you have the software, with the quality that has, at such a low price for the user?

As a Coach, when I wanted to buy some software, I always had two problems, one because they were expensive and the other because they were limited. So it was always a flag for me and from the beginning I assumed that Coach-Helper.Com, apart from making a difference in the quantity and quality of the applications made available, would be the minimum price.

What are the plans for the next 10 years in Coach-Helper.Com?

The most difficult was done and achieved with the implementation and solidification of the project. Now comes the best part, the evolution of the whole project to a plateau that does not yet exist in the market. From 10 years ago, in 2025, today's software will be so obsolete compared to what will exist by 2025, because we will be on another level. Currently the software is in version 2.7 and is still being improved and improved, however and at the same time our programming team is already working on the new version 3.0 and version 4.0 is already fully structured in the paper to advance soon after finishing the Version 3.0 programming. I can also say that version 5.0 is already being designed ... Many news and developments will emerge.
One well is to all of them!

Interview en 2017 - 12e anniversaire

What message do you want to leave after 12 years?

As promised in 2015, we have already released version 3.0 and we are already programming version 4.0 that will change the paradigm of this software concept that we launched in 2005. This means that we will never stay here and we will continue to evolve and grow . Version 5.0 is planned and version 6.0 is already being conceived ... This our longevity is no accident, because only with the excellence and quality of our services can be many years in this market to which we are proud to have been the pioneers. It promises more news soon...
A big thank you to all those who still prefer the software that is the ORIGINAL!


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