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Frequently Asked Questions

10 questions plus fréquemment

  • 1 - It is necessary to install software on a computer or somewhere?
    NO, all software runs on the online platform, only need to be configured.
  • 2 - The software can be used on any computer, Ipad, Tablet, iPhone, Android, etc?
    YES, simply having internet connection to be able to work anywhere and from any device.
  • 3 - Can I save and print all the work done?
    YES, everything you do can save in PDF and/or print on any printer.
  • 4 - It is possible to lose my data, my work and information on the site?
    NO, we make backups Bi-daily the whole platform, being kept in a secure place.
  • 5 - Can I manage and control more than one team simultaneously (eg, seniors, juniors, schools)?
    YES, provided your plan permits, can work with multiple teams at the same time.
  • 6 - All the people can access my software and my database?
    NO, the access is personal and non-transferable. Can only be accessed with a own LOGIN.
  • 7 - Every year I have to renew my account?
    YES, after 365 days the account expires in if you want to continue to work with the software, your account needs to be renewed.
  • 8 - The renovation before the allotted time, accumulate the remaining days with the new annuity?
    YES, when making the renewal before the end of the previous subscription, accumulated 365 days to the remaining days of use.
  • 9 - Is the annual renewal of the PRO Pack, for €9.95 per team, for life? YES, the renewal of the PRO Package for €9.95 is for life, however it is only possible if the annuity does not expire. If the annuity expires, it will be necessary to reactivate the package for the value of the 1st registration.

  • 10 - Can i change the Package and/or Plan without loss my work or information?
    YES, at anytime you can change any plan without loss of work and/or information.


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